Our Gatherings

CityWave Women is the women’s community of CityWave Church.  We meet in a casual and welcoming environment, we gather to encourage each other to rise up as daughters of God, who live passionately and abundantly with Him and the world.

› worship in creative and experiential ways
› prayer for one another and the world
› truth about God and his love for his daughters
› community through joyful relationships
› encouragement for the soul
› compassion through service

Our Culture

The culture at CityWave Women gatherings is welcoming, casual and relational. It is an inviting place to step away from the stresses of life and become centered again. Women leave with a sense of renewed hope for living in their God-given identity and purpose.

› a way of authenticity
› a model of grace
› a posture of humility
› a view of acceptance
› a heart of compassion
› a presence of joy
› a blessing of favor

 For more info, email Jodi Nelson, CityWave Women’s Pastor (jodi@citywave.org)