Our Vision

We are called to be heroes as CityWave Church, central figures in the movement of Jesus.

As heroes, we will rise above the present and future challenges in our culture. By faith and creativity, we will thrive as people who live to the fullest and love people extravagantly. God is inviting CityWave to become a forerunner in spiritual renewal among people in the West. The people who have the courage to be different from the world will be the ones who love the world in the greatest way.

To be the heroes of our generation with Jesus, the ultimate hero, we need to embed ourselves into a stable community of faith. CityWave will be that community for a multitude of people, living a lifestyle of faith together. This is the “rule of living” that is needed for our day. It will help us grow stronger where otherwise we would be weak. We will find the presence of God in everyday life and share his incredible love.