All around us, there are people that need the kind of love that only Jesus can give.  So what can we do?  Well, we believe that the local church is the hope of the world and a place where a real encounter with God has the power to change everything!  And that’s why what we do is so important!  But it takes a lot of work, and a lot of people.  Every week people volunteer their time to serve – set up, tear down, hospitality, worship, production… pretty much everywhere (more details below).  Whether you’ve been coming to CityWave for a while or you consider yourself new, volunteering is a great way to make your NEXT MOVE with God. If you’re interested in jumping in and helping out, fill out the form below

Volunteer Opportunities

The Portable Church Team is one of the most important volunteer team we have at CityWave! Because we are a “portable church,” meaning all of our equipment, signage, etc. are in trailers that get hauled to Downers Grove North High School every Sunday morning where volunteers set up the stage, the kids room, the lobby – everything needed to create an environment that is welcoming, inspiring, and engaging so that people can experience the love and hope of Jesus and make their next move with Him. After the gathering, we pack it all up and load it into trailers and give thanks for another day to serve God! So be a part of something that can change a person’s life forever. The Portable Church Team!

At CityWave we LOVE to create an experience that is welcoming for EVERY person who walks through the door.  From the the moment they pull into the parking lot, to the moment they leave, we want everyone to know we’re excited they are here.  Every first impression makes a HUGE impact!  As part of the first impressions team, we’d have you hanging out in the lobby, greeting guests as they come in and making sure the lobby is a great atmosphere to hang out in.  

CityWave kids is a place where children, babies to 11 years old are welcomed and loved into our community. The biggest desire for CityWave kids is for your children to know and experience God and make life moves with him. During CityWave’s weekend gatherings, CityWave kids provides an inspiring, creative and nurturing environment uniquely designed for kids to grow in this way.  As part of the CityWave kids team you would love and care for the kids in our community on Sunday mornings.

All the youth in the west suburbs of Chicago and beyond have a place at CityWave. We desire to see an over-looked and over-engaged generation of all shapes and sizes come together to find freedom and leave empowered to change the world. God is calling an army of young believers to rise up and become the next leaders of the world through his great love. Here at CityWave Youth, it’s not about status. It’s about Jesus.  As part of the CityWave Youth team you would hang out with students at monthly events and gatherings.

It’s impossible to deny that MUSIC and the ARTS change the way we think, feel about, and see the world.  From Hollywood to Music City, From Broadway to the information highway, from brilliantly lit stages to brightly colored iPhones, artists shape the world. At CityWave, we believe God is calling artists to share HIMSELF to the world through the works we create.  As part of the worship & arts teams you would use your creativity to create a worshipful environment at Sunday AM gatherings and other various events.  Our teams are always changing but right now have places for: vocalists, musicians, audio-sound technicians, multi-media technicians, lighting production, graphics, video, photography, painters, interior decorators, etc.